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Fast, reliable, redundant and secure. Every Whatcom Web Hosting plan, from our most affordable to our most advanced, is designed to with quality and performance in mind.  Compare our network, servers and features to the competition and I'm sure you'll agree we have one of the best hosting networks available.  Why trust your web site to anything less.

Hardware:  Web Servers
All of our web sites our hosted on Dell PowerEdge 2650 servers. Known for their high performance, reliability and Dells outstanding support.  Each of our web servers has the following as minimum specifications:

  • Dual Intel Xeon Processors
  • 1GB RAM Minimum
  • 10,000 RPM RAID Hard Drives
  • Dual Redundant Power Supplies

What does it all mean?  Well, our servers perform flawlessly under the most demanding loads while the built-in redundancy of each server insures that even in the unlikely event a component fails, your web site will stay up and running.

Hardware:  Network
Our Cisco firewall and switch manage network traffic and security to provide you with highly reliable and secure network for your web site.

Software: Hosting Automation
Our hosting software, by SW Soft, provides a secure hosting platform, which includes a hosting control panel for each account so you can easily manage your web hosting services.

Connectivity:  Datacenter
I can't say it any better then our provider, FiberCloud:

"FiberCloud’s Class A Datacenter provides the secured environment and multi-homed network required to keep your network or Internet enterprise operational 24x7. This high quality facility offers multiple layers of security, including computer programmed key entry, retinal scanning, and closed circuit video surveillance, as well as state-of-the art fire detection and suppression systems. To ensure maximum uptime, FiberCloud designed its Datacenter to include multiple fiber connections coming into and going out of the facility through multiple providers, dual HVAC units, backup UPS and generator and redundant routing equipment configurations."




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