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Our Web Hosting History

Whatcom Hosts origins date back to the late 90's, when it was originally part of Mindfly, Inc., a web development and design firm, founded in 1999. 

Initially, Mindfly resold the web hosting services provided by other larger web hosting companies.  This reseller arrangement for hosting went on for several years, but after over 5 different resellers, and much growth, the decision was made for Mindfly to start its own hosting business.

In 2002, after many months of planning, Mindfly started its hosting operation and began the tedious process of moving all of its customer accounts onto the new web hosting servers.

The web hosting operation performed well, of course there were the expected bumps and bruises, occasional change in vendors, and other issues that are to be expected when running any business. 

In 2005 Mindfly made another major change to its hosting business by making the decision to switch control panel vendors, from Sphera (the original selection) to Plesk (owned by SWSoft).  And so another major undertaking began.  The 'migration' of control panels lasted over a year, but proved again to be the right decision for Mindfly and its customers.

Then, in the middle of 2006, it was decided that the web hosting operations of Mindfly and it's customers would be better served if it became a separate entity.  So, with the same great people that made Mindfly Web Hosting a success, Whatcom Host was born.

We would like to thank all of our customers that have help make us who we are today, and we look forward to the many years to come!




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