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2/28/2016 +-
WinPlesk3 has been migrated to WinPlesk7, still running old SmarterMail v6.9,
but we are now running newer Plesk version 10.4.4, we will be upgrading SmarterMail soon.

3/6/2016 11am
Migrated LinPlesk6 to new server, running CentOS v6.7 and Plesk 12.5 now, which
will allow for newer PHP version, plus allowing different clients to run different PHP versions.
Next plan is to upgrade MySQL to newer version from 5.1 to 5.5, in the next few days.

Still planned, moving all Windows servers to Windows 2008, we are currently running on 2003 still.
PBA-S has an upgrade, we will be doing this in the next few days.

3/10/2016 11am
We suffered a MAJOR Power Outage this morning around 5am, various servers went down due to this,
we worked on getting the generator going to restore power until PSE restored commercial power
around 9am, due to major wind storm.

3/22/2016 7am
Upgraded Mysql from v5.1 to v5.5 on LinPlesk6 (Plesk 12.5 CentOS)

Domain Registration and Renewal Rates has been increased due to our provider increasing our cost

8/1/2016 +-
Upgraded one VPS from Plesk 9.5.5 to Plesk 10.4.4

8/18/2016 8:30am
Migrated one VPS from old VZ 3.5.1 Server to New VZ 4.6 Server

8/18/2016 8am
Upgrade OBAS from 4.5.4-16 to 4.5.5-31

Rev: 8/18/2016